Preventing WDS links / Re: WDS configuration issues

Dave dave
Wed Feb 12 17:44:21 PST 2003

Hello all,

In response to a couple inquiries whether I got WDS working or not...I am
happy to say that I have.

What I found the easiest to do was to NOT preallocate the WDS links with
00:00:00:00:00:00 but rather let them come up/down on their own. I wrote a
script to run periodically looking for a new WDS link or one that has been
removed, and when found it would either add or remove it from the bridge
group respectively. Works pretty well.

I turned on autom_ap_wds, wds_type to 4 (with 1.5.6 FW) and other_ap_policy
to 1.

On another issue,

Does anyone have an idea on how to PREVENT a WDS link from coming up or

Specifically I have a WDS box with two radios, one attached to a yagi
pointing to next closest WDS box and the other connected to an omni. I do
not want the radio connected to the omni to talk to the last closest WDS box
but rather only want the yagi to use the WDS link so the distribution radio
(omni) does not have to do the double work of tx/rx to client and WDS.

Any ideas?



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