Preventing WDS links / Re: WDS configuration issues

Michael Smith msmith
Wed Feb 12 20:26:37 PST 2003

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Dave wrote:

> Does anyone have an idea on how to PREVENT a WDS link from coming up or
> associating?
> Specifically I have a WDS box with two radios, one attached to a yagi
> pointing to next closest WDS box and the other connected to an omni.

I think you can add the omni's radio to the bridge, but not enable WDS on
that card. Would that do it? I'm assuming WDS links need to be symmetric
here, but I could be wrong.

Re: your next message: If you set the backhaul (yagi) link to STA mode
instead of Master, you won't be able to use WDS or bridging, and you'll
have to do routing. Not a big deal though - set up zebra's RIP routing
daemon, figure out some method for assigning unique subnets and ESSIDs
(static config should work for smallish nets), and the routing will take
care of itself.

With Master mode on and other_ap_policy=1, you should get the same link
quality stats you would in STA mode. The numbers/units will be different
but they'll be there. I've never tried Repeater but I think it allows WDS
without allowing clients to connect, which is likely what you want.

The channel spread you'd want to use might be more like 1-6-11 than
1-8-11, since the 8 & 11 are pretty close. Even with 1-6-11 you'll get a
little bit of interference between the radios in close proximity (i.e. in
the same box), but not much.


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