hostap-driver & snmpd problem

Brad Davidson kiloman
Wed Dec 10 10:51:11 PST 2003

Yeah I get the same messages:

wlan0 unsupported ioctl(0x8947)
wlan0 unsupported ioctl(0x89f0)

Repeated about 8-9 times every time the stats get polled. I've never 
seen any problem with the connection, though.

/usr/include/linux/sockios.h has some information that probably relates 
to these messages:

--*wlan0 unsupported ioctl(0x8947)*--
#define SIOCGMIIPHY     0x8947          /* Get address of MII PHY in use. */

--*wlan0 unsupported ioctl(0x89f0)*--
/* Device private ioctl calls */
  *      These 16 ioctls are available to devices via the do_ioctl() device
  *      vector. Each device should include this file and redefine these 
  *      as their own. Because these are device dependent it is a good idea
  *      _NOT_ to issue them to random objects and hope.
#define SIOCDEVPRIVATE  0x89F0  /* to 89FF */

So it looks to me like Net-SNMP is trying to read information about the 
network device. The information is 1: Specific to a wired adapter and 2: 
Depricated. In both cases, HostAP returns -EOPNOTSUPP, and that's all it 
does. It's the right thing to do, and certainly shouldn't affect your 

If you don't want the messages, go into driver/modules/hostap_ioctl.c 
and comment out the printk.

Jouni might have some idea of why it would screw with your connection, 
but I certanly can't think of one.


jar wrote:
> Now every time the mrtg updates it's graphcps (via snmp), I get the 
> following dmesg error messages in wlan machine:
> wlan0 unsupported ioctl(0x89f0)
> wlan0 unsupported ioctl(0x8947)

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