INFDROPs during large file transfers

Michael Guntsche mike
Thu Apr 17 09:13:33 PDT 2003

> I always get INFDROPs after some time, it just happens faster if I use
> WEP.
> The 180KB problem persits.

Just wanted to tell you all that I found out what was causing the
problem with the 180KB transfer.
As stated in the previous mail I RAM-downloaded the 1.5.6 firmware on
the AP machine (Pentium). Therefore the firmware on the card was used to
decrypt the pakets.
After changing it back to host based decryption via 'iwpriv' I got a
much higher transfer rate. 
Don't quite understand why hardware based decrypton is THAT slow.
I still see INFDROPs but for now I just recompile the modules with DEBUG
disabled and try to forget them. ;)
If someone has an idea how I can find out what's causing them don't
hestitate to write me though.

Thanks Jouni for this great driver!!!!!!


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