Where I find WinUpdate and STA 1.5.6 or later for LinkSys WPC 11 (NIC 0x801b v1.0.0)

Sorin PAUN Laurentiu-Sorin.Paun
Wed Apr 16 14:55:16 PDT 2003

Hello everybody,

I need to upgrade my card's firmware (because it's the buggy one: 
1.4.2). I thinked to upgrade to 1.5.6, does it is a good choice?

I saw that Inytersil doesn't publish the winupdate utility on their 
website, so could anyone send me the winupdate utility and the win 
drivers? I think it's easier to use than prism_rec, isn't it? maybe a 
little more risky, too ;) ?

For the firmware, do the files on www.sydneywireless.com/hostap/ are ok 
for my wireless card?

Thank you,
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