Some (more) WDS concerns

Vic Berdin sndbeat
Fri Apr 4 02:40:39 PST 2003

Hello everyone,

I'd like to get your opinion on some (more) of my WDS
concerns. I've been playing with WDS for about a week
now, and here's what I noticed:

My WDS setup:


WDS1 and WDS2 are just a meter apart.

WDS1: Linux2.2.20 ZCOM XI-300
WDS2: Linux2.2.20 RFNET (intersil-prism1)
Cli1: LinuxPC
Cli2: Win98 (Orinoco Silver)
Cli3: Win98 (Orinoco Silver)

WDS2 acts as a relay station for WDS1.
All Cli machines are getting DHCP service originating
from WDS1.

WDS setups:

WDS1 & WDS2 MODE=Master

Bridging code: Mathew Grant's old 'brcfg' (not

After making sure that ALL bridge ports are at a
forwaring state, I noticed that:

(1) Having ap_bridge_packets=1 & wds_type=0/1, 'ping'
from WDS1 (or WDS1 wireless clients Cli2 & Cli3) to
WDS2 always takes quite some time to get a response
(from 20 secs to almost 3mins). And in some cases, are
never returned until some packet activity from WDS2
(or its client Cli1) goes to or passes thru WDS1. Such
packet activities are in the form of DHCP request from
Cli1 or 'ping' from WDS2/Cli1 to WDS1 or its clients
or the ISP.

(2) Having ap_bridge_packets=0, and whatever vlue of
wds_type is, WDS1 clients Cli2 and Cli3 can't 'ping'
each other. However, both machines can 'ping' Cli1 of

(3) Having ap_bridge_packets=1, 'ping' from clients
seem to be OK in most cases.

(4) On some other card combination where I use WPC11
and ZCOM XI-300, I get tons of syslog errors along
with the same behaviors I mentioned above.

To sum it up, I'm still experimenting on which
combination of settings will best work for my cards.
But if I were to use only Intersil Prism I based cards
for my WDS peers, can anyone give me the best settings
I can try out?

TIA - Vic

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