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Vic Berdin sndbeat
Thu Apr 3 21:20:49 PST 2003

Hello John,

I believe you can insert your freeswan call to
shutdown as a priority task in your
/etc/pcmcia/network 'stop)' clause. And I don't think
this'll cause any problems. What card manager does
anyway is first, free the modules of ALL loads, then
uninstall them during the stop event. And freeswan is
just any other network load. As soon as freeswan is
down, card manager should have no problem unloading
the modules. Please do try the unload sequence you
mentioned on your mail, as it is correct. I believe it
will work out just fine.

HTH - Vic

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> Message: 1
> Subject: Paradox using FreeSwan and hostap_cs
> From: John Fulmer <jfulmer at>
> To: hostap at
> Organization: 
> Date: 01 Apr 2003 11:25:18 -0600

<message snipped>

> So I have a paradox. I need cardmgr to shut down
> Freeswan (ipsec0) to
> free up wlan0 so the driver can be unloaded, but
> that can't happen until
> wlan0 is released by Freeswan.
> Is this expected behavior? Any ideas on how to work
> around this?
> Thanks,
> jf

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