"ERROR: Failed to download URL "

George Eycott george at eycott.co.uk
Wed Mar 17 22:04:34 GMT 2021

I was going to report it on Github but I can see it is already there (issue
378 & 380). Issue 379 has been accepted as a bug so the maintainers are
clearly aware of the issue having been raised (on the basis if they have
processed 379 they must have seen 378), it may just be there is nothing they
can do about it. At the end of the day the software is working as designed,
trying different approaches to get the file until it finds one that works.
So in answer to the original poster:

1. Only the maintainers know and the only way we will find out is if they
either change the status of the issues log
(https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer/issues?q=is%3Aissue) or release
a new version that mentions it.
2. Nope, already been done twice, once a week ago and once today
3. Nothing to work around, in effect that is what the software is already
doing on your behalf

Hope that helps


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> > > Started getting these recently for TV programmes.  Anyone know:
> > > (1) Whether there's a fix in the offing?
> > > (2) Do I need to report as an issue on Github?
> > > (3) Is there a workaround?
> >
> > I have not noticed any indication that anything other than useful
> > bugfix PRs is presently welcomed by the maintainer. Reports of issues
> > tend to be summarily closed. We hope and wait for fixes and, at least
> > for major issues, generally they come promptly, which is great. If you
> > know some Perl, the source code is quite amenable to local adjustments.
> >
> > -- Mark
> >
> Ah, OK.  I don't think it's major, probably something to do with BBC
> the feeds.  There was something similar a while ago.  I may do a bit of
> investigation to narrow it down, but my PERL skills are non-existent when
> comes to a fix (Fortran IV, yes)
> Mabel
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