"ERROR: Failed to download URL "

mable syrup blackonesugar at mail.com
Sat Mar 13 19:55:59 GMT 2021

> Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 12:50 PM
> From: "Mark Carroll" <mtbc at ixod.org>
> To: get_iplayer at lists.infradead.org
> Subject: Re: "ERROR: Failed to download URL "
> On 13 Mar 2021, mable syrup wrote:
> > Started getting these recently for TV programmes.  Anyone know:
> > (1) Whether there's a fix in the offing?
> > (2) Do I need to report as an issue on Github?
> > (3) Is there a workaround?
> I have not noticed any indication that anything other than useful bugfix
> PRs is presently welcomed by the maintainer. Reports of issues tend to
> be summarily closed. We hope and wait for fixes and, at least for major
> issues, generally they come promptly, which is great. If you know some
> Perl, the source code is quite amenable to local adjustments.
> -- Mark

Ah, OK.  I don't think it's major, probably something to do with BBC juggling the feeds.  There was something similar a while ago.  I may do a bit of investigation to narrow it down, but my PERL skills are non-existent when it comes to a fix (Fortran IV, yes)


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