get_iplayer Package Issue For Debian / Raspbian on openSUSE Build Service

Mark Grant m.grant.prg at
Mon Mar 15 08:43:14 GMT 2021

Thanks to James Eaton for reporting the problem.

Problem Affects...
A problem currently exists for anyone who installed the get_iplayer
package from the openSUSE Build Service. This service currently
supports Debian and Raspbian, buster and stretch.

Problem Cause and Impact
The problem is that the repository key downloaded at the time of
installation had an expiry date which has just passed. This causes APT
errors when updating a system (apt-get update etc.). This only affects
that repository, all your other system repositories
continue to function as usual.

Quick Fix
The key on the remote repository has been updated and now has an expiry
date in mid 2023. So the immediate solution is to re-install the key
just as you did when you first installed the package.

So go to the download site:-

Find your relevant section Debian or Raspbian buster or stretch and run
the curl command in a terminal. After this system updates should work
with no errors shown against

Long Term Fix
A transparent fix is required. I shall contact the openSUSE Build
Service people and find a solution with them.

Apologies for the inconvenience, this is a surprising problem for a
public repository.


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