iPlayer Tags 'shortened' v.v 'original'

michael norman michaeltnorman at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 06:46:44 EDT 2020

On 19/09/2020 11:05, Jim web wrote:
> In article
> <CAPZzCnNLfMshgp+Vt__AAz79L9z6y+HshmdZdCyyv00gWtOSbg at mail.gmail.com>,
>     Chris Brady <chrisjbrady at gmail.com> wrote:
>> However bearing in mind the increasing left wing PC bias of the Beeb, so
>> many Brit classic comedy programmes have had the tag ' shortened' in the
>> metadata. This nonsense started in about 2019. Why?
> You seem to be trying to get your 'answer' in before your question. :-)
> Alternative could be that early iPlayer offerrings often started before the
> programme and finished after it. Done by software and timer to allow for
> time variations and avoid snipping off the start or end by mistake. If they
> were kept as files, they'd now need trimming. Just an idea, though.
> So, does anyone have a copy of the 'earlier' version? If so, they can find
> out. I do have a few old cassettes but I'd have to dig them out. However I
> think they'll have been on iPlayer before.
> Jim
Please don't let a sensible approach get in the way of a childish 
conspiracy theory.

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