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   Chris Brady <chrisjbrady at gmail.com> wrote:

> However bearing in mind the increasing left wing PC bias of the Beeb, so
> many Brit classic comedy programmes have had the tag ' shortened' in the
> metadata. This nonsense started in about 2019. Why?

You seem to be trying to get your 'answer' in before your question. :-)

Alternative could be that early iPlayer offerrings often started before the
programme and finished after it. Done by software and timer to allow for
time variations and avoid snipping off the start or end by mistake. If they
were kept as files, they'd now need trimming. Just an idea, though.

So, does anyone have a copy of the 'earlier' version? If so, they can find
out. I do have a few old cassettes but I'd have to dig them out. However I
think they'll have been on iPlayer before.


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