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>>To receive the
>>channel on Freeview, you need  a device that is compatible with Freeview
>>HD or Freeview Play and be able to receive channels such as "QVC HD/QVC
>>Beauty HD" on Freeview 111/112 or "More4+1" on channel 86. If you can't,
>>you won't be able to see FreeSports."

>That could be another issue.  COM8 is a HD multiplex so he may need a 
>DVB-T2 receiver.  The Amazon description of the Elgato EyeTV Diversity only 
>mentions DVB-T.  In Spain you can receive HD channels on a DVB-T receiver 
>as long as it supports H.264.  In the UK you can't.  I'm not sure what the 
>position is with SD channels on a HD multiplex.

Have a look at the response from Mike P at the foot of this page.

He does need a DVB-T2 receiver to receive FreeSports.  The COM8 multiplex 
uses Mode 6 in the description further up the page.  It is
Mode 6: DVB-T2 27841 (32KE) carriers, 256QAM mode, FEC=2/3, 1/128 guard = 
The same applies to the PSB3 and COM7 multiplexes.

If it only supports DVB-T, as the Amazon description suggests, the Elgato 
EyeTV Diversity will not work.  He needs to replace it with a DVB-T2 device 
but before doing that it makes sense to check with a neighbour with a DVB-T2 
receiver that the transmitter he is receiving is transmitting the COM8 
multiplex.  Some of the pages I referred to earlier are out of date, and 
there will be more changes in June 2018.

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