2.99 Not Downloading Hi-Res Audio

RS richard22j at zoho.com
Tue Mar 14 17:17:26 PDT 2017

From: C E Macfarlane
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 23:00

>As per title, until today have been using 2.97, tried 2.99 just now and
>can't get it to work ...

>WARNING: Could not download programme metadata from

There is another thread today (now yesterday) about this.

>WARNING: Some recording modes were remapped to new values
>WARNING: Input mode list remapped from 'dashhigh,flashaachigh,hafhigh' to

Modes have been renamed in v2.98 and v2.99.  The new names are here.

That page begins,
"STOP: You almost certainly do not need the reference information contained 
in this document. Most users only need to configure maximum recording 
quality, and then only if the defaults are not acceptable. Read the 
Recording Quality documentation instead and configure your maximum recording 
quality as described there. Only refer to this document if you need to know 
specifics for a particular recording mode or shortcut."

Does anyone agree that you don't need the reference information when the 
mode names and aliases keep changing?

>Does 2.99 require a Perl package not required by previous versions?
I have not seen anything that says it does.  Although I originally used the 
Windows installer, to go from v2.97 to 2.98 I just replaced get_iplayer.pl 
and get_iplayer.cgi.  The DVF modes need ffmpeg v3.0 or greater.  Problems 
could be caused by the absence of metadata feeds.

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