BBC Licensing Expose

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Wed Mar 1 03:30:22 PST 2017

I agree.

The original post was interesting reading at first and I appreciate people's
"you shouldn't believe everything you read" attitude but now this has
deteriorated into a squabble over a newspaper and I find it incredibly boring.

When's the last time get_iplayer was actually mentioned in this mailing list?


Kevin McCarthy

P.S.I'm also a member of that same group, Roger.
> On 01 March 2017 at 10:25 Roger Tricker <roger at> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I post very little of value, on here, but please allow me to comment.
> I have been a member of a group that purports to be 'in the top two
> percentile' but this is only on one specific measurement scale, which did
> not, necessarily, prove that I had, or could use, common sense or consider
> that a variety of opinions could be acceptable.
> In my younger days, I was often told that I knew a lot of facts, but could
> only see 'black or white', sometimes with proof, but other times with only
> limited information on which to base my view.
> As I have aged, I have stepped back from such extreme decisions and realised
> that much of what surrounds us is only 'opinion' not fact and falls in to a
> grey area.
> We are all entitled to our opinions and have the right to attempt to inform
> others but we do not have the right to insist that one person's view must be
> accepted by others.
> Please show tolerance for the views of others, however different they may be
> from yours.
> Can we please, now, stop this unnecessary, undignified, bickering and name
> calling over such a trivial thing as a newspaper?
> I am missing the interesting discussions about get iplayer.
> Thanks
> Roger
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> > On 28/02/2017 22:30, CJB wrote:
> > > I wish I'd never brought the subject up. But what a nasrty hate 
> > > filled email I first received from that David person. CJB.
> > >
> > He does come across as a truly vile individuial, it has to be said; 
> > but it's often the case with the deeply "committed" left-leaning types
> ....
> Your own closed-mind bias is shown by the way you confine it to
> 'left-leaning types", etc in your slanted response. And it *still* isn't
> relevant here!
> Jim
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