BBC Licensing Expose

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Wed Mar 1 13:15:30 PST 2017

On 28 Feb 2017 at 22:40, michael norman michael norman 
<michaeltnorman at> wrote:

> Best thing might be not to post links from the Mail which hates the BBC 
> to a pro BBC list. As others have said the Mail is not a reliable source 
> for anything.

The Mail is a reliable source for news BBC/Grun refuse to report and for 
Investigative Journalism such as this Capita behaviour story. Previous 
include Charity fund raising extortion.

To dismiss everything in DM as "fake news", "right-wing", "extremist" is as 
nonsensical as stating every article in The Grun is true facts.

Don't forget DM editor was pro Brexit, Mail On Sunday editor was pro 

If DM/MoS were as bad/fake as so many claim they would be bust rather than 
profitable highest selling non-RedTop.

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