BBC Licensing Expose

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Hi All,

I post very little of value, on here, but please allow me to comment.
I have been a member of a group that purports to be 'in the top two
percentile' but this is only on one specific measurement scale, which did
not, necessarily, prove that I had, or could use, common sense or consider
that a variety of opinions could be acceptable.
In my younger days, I was often told that I knew a lot of facts, but could
only see 'black or white', sometimes with proof, but other times with only
limited information on which to base my view.

As I have aged, I have stepped back from such extreme decisions and realised
that much of what surrounds us is only 'opinion' not fact and falls in to a
grey area.
We are all entitled to our opinions and have the right to attempt to inform
others but we do not have the right to insist that one person's view must be
accepted by others.
Please show tolerance for the views of others, however different they may be
from yours.

Can we please, now, stop this unnecessary, undignified, bickering and name
calling over such a trivial thing as a newspaper?

I am missing the interesting discussions about get iplayer.


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> On 28/02/2017 22:30, CJB wrote:
> > I wish I'd never brought the subject up. But what a nasrty hate 
> > filled email I first received from that David person. CJB.
> >
> He does come across as a truly vile individuial, it has to be said; 
> but it's often the case with the deeply "committed" left-leaning types

Your own closed-mind bias is shown by the way you confine it to
'left-leaning types", etc in your slanted response. And it *still* isn't
relevant here!


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