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Subject: Re: Version "shortened"

>According to


>"latest" version is: Series 18, Episode 14/07/2017,
>with an iPlayerRadio page as follows:


>That episode was first broadcast, well, last Friday
>14/07/2017 at 18:45 BST on R4LW.

>> and more than half the programme appears to be
> >a cricket commentary with Dead Ringers coming in
> >towards the end of the 30 mins for the last 5-6 mins.
> >The download is shown not original but "shortened."

I think the clue is in the channel name Radio 4 LW (Long Wave) and the time 
1845.  On Radio 4 FM Dead Ringers started at 1830 on Friday.  According to 
the LW schedule linked to from the iPlayer there was cricket from 1757 to 
1845 and Dead Ringers started at 1845.

What is strange is that as far as I can see the only channels on the iPlayer 
are Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra.

>If you are indeed talking about --pid=b08xcwz4,
>then this is something I can't replicate...

I found the PID b08xcwz4 this morning by using get_iplayer to search its 
cache for ringer.  I downloaded the hlsaacstd1 mode.  I only skipped through 
the programme but it seemed complete and similar to what I remember of the 
Saturday repeat.  As Vamgelis suggests it has probably been replaced since 
Budge posted his comment.

Another curiosity is that estimated mode sizes in --info show much larger 
sizes for DAF modes than the corresponding HAF and HLSAAC modes.

>At a later stage, the iPlayerRadio
>team did replace that initial incomplete version
>with the proper full show... More info at:

Thanks for that link and the blog it links to.  I had not appreciated the 
steps that had to be taken to get the right length for Woman's Hour and 
allow for the news summary.  Programmes from the iPlayer always seemed to be 
better trimmed than the podcasts.  Having to detect movement of a fader in 
the continuity studio seems rather a convoluted way of doing it.  Wouldn't 
it be easier to give the continuity announcer a button to press to indicate 
the start and end of a programme, or for a recorded programme just use the 

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