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Alan Milewczyk alan at
Mon Jul 17 10:24:59 PDT 2017

Greetings from sunny Manchester (but only for the next few days)

Until RS's posting today, I hadn't noticed I only had a 15 minute 
download originally, so I'm grateful for the alert! ;-)

On 17/07/2017 17:26, Vangelis forthnet wrote:
> What is still odd is that if one browses 
> one can see that DR (as you said) was broadcast for ca. 30min starting 
> 18:30 BST, but the link there again takes you to the same episode page 
> where it is (again) advertised as being only 15min long!
> Me thinks this is a c*ckup on the beeb's end! 

Agreed. I think when they realised their error they corrected the file 
but forgot to alter the title.

> They should've created two different pids (or even two different 
> vpids), one for the abridged (on LW) and another one for the full (on 
> FM) version.

Hmm not sure about that. I can't help thinking that if the cricket 
overran on LW, they would have joined the FM feed 15 minutes late, 
rather than present an abridged 15 minute version - after all, they 
wouldn't have known by how long the cricket would overrun. Anyway, I 
can't think why anyone would want a shortened version of the programme!


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