Problem when Adding to PVR List

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sat Oct 22 18:23:31 PDT 2016

On Sat Oct 22 00:00:52 BST 2016, Budge wrote: 

> get_iplayer --pvr "The Code" --pvradd "The_Code" 

(Hi Alastair; has it gotten cold already in Scotland?)

... Not really an expert on the PVR feature, since I 
mostly perform ad hoc downloads, but: 

You can't have "--pvr" and "--pvradd" in the same command. 

get_iplayer --pvr "The Code" 

executes a previously saved PVR search under the name 
"The Code" (though I fear whitespace is not permitted in 
a search's filename). OTOH, 

--pvradd "The_Code"

adds to the PVR list a PVR search under the name "The_Code"; 
however the "--pvradd" switch demands a search argument in 
the same command.

I am unfamiliar with your OS, but somewhere in your HOME  
there should be a directory named "pvr", which contains all 
your previously saved PVR searches. You can inspect the 
contents of each PVR search with an editor. 
E.g. I would delete file "The_Code" 
and start anew from the command line (terminal?). 

get_iplayer "The Code" --pvradd "The_Code" 

INFO: Saving PVR search 'The_Code':
        search0 The Code

> search1 (The_Incredible_Human_Journey|The Incredible Human Journey)
> It seems the second line is held somewhere 
> and I cannot find and delete it 

Usually, the best place to start troubleshooting 
would be your user prefs file (options?). 
Maybe you have inadvertently set up something 
there that's responsible for your current predicament... 
As said, not a PVR expert, so perhaps you 
should wait for additional input from the real experts :-)

Have a nice Sunday, 

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