v2.97 with sensible TV download sizes?

J K.Eason mail at john-eason.co.uk
Sun Oct 2 08:30:00 PDT 2016

> I'm currently using v2.94 as it is the only version that I have
> available to me that gets sensible download sizes, by this I mean 
> that 'Ambulance' is 651.8mb. I would use 2.97 if I could only train it 
> to get sensible file sized download sizes, but how please?
> This is my 'config' file -
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
> outputtv /mnt/backc/progs
> outputradio /mnt/backb/Music/beeb
> type radio,tv
> fileprefix <name>-<series>-<episode>-<version>
> tvmode=hvfstd
> radiomode=good
> versionlist default
> --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
> When I've tried 2.97 it only seems to download 1gb+ sized files, 
> which is much too big for my needs. I don't need, or want, a
> display as its only ever watched on this computer, but how can I do 
> it please?
> I've looked at 
> 'https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer/wiki/modes' and also
> 'https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer/wiki/modesref#tv-modes' 
> but I'm still unable to get a sensible download size with 2.97.
> Can anyone help with a 'tvmode' for my config file that works to 
> fulfil my requirements please?

 Depends on the resolution/size of screen you want.
Using tvmode=worst gives a 140Meg 'Ambulance' file, but is very blocky on
my 22" widescreen monitor.
tvmode=worse (the next one up) should be the same as the setting in your
config file (tvmode=hvfstd) and downloads a file of 221Meg here rather
than the '651.8mb' that you're reporting.
This is using 2.96. I haven't updated to 2.97 yet, but the modes should
be the same.


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