Odd fetching of radio

Jim web web at audiomisc.co.uk
Thu Feb 18 03:33:04 PST 2016

In article <1D98C654D16843F19F04AD8015EA713D at vasonote>, Vangelis
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> One more note: 2.95 dev is undocumented, unsupported and undergoing
> frequent modifications, especially into what affects HLS/DASH downloads.
> Simply stating:

> > using the 2.95 developmental version

> is of little actual help to hopeful debuggers, if you do not also quote
> the exact snapshot (commit hash) of the main script (get_iplayer) (of
> the develop branch) currently using in your system.

OK, I'll note fuller details next time I try it. I'll report on the other
things you explained/suggested.

FWIW I did a comparision this morning between using hls for TV fetching and
DASH for radio. Did both before 9am when the downloads tend to be fast (and
don't count against my 'bandwidth' <sic> limit).

The TV fetching ran at about 500 MB per 3 min. i.e about 160 MB/min.

The radio ran at about 130 MB per *15*min. i.e. about 8.5 MB/min.

This seems a very large difference in transfer rates.

The DASH fetches a few weeks ago were *much* faster than now. And since the
above was early morning when TV fetching is still much faster I guess this
is something specific to the DASH. It doesn't seem to be down to my
connections getting slower during the day.

So far as I recall, the problem showed up some time *before* the recent BBC
'hiccup' when they were moving the deckchairs again.

I'll see if I can get the radio via HLS to compare.


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