Odd fetching of radio

Jim web web at audiomisc.co.uk
Thu Feb 18 04:04:59 PST 2016

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> > is of little actual help to hopeful debuggers, if you do not also
> > quote the exact snapshot (commit hash) of the main script
> > (get_iplayer) (of the develop branch) currently using in your system.

> OK, I'll note fuller details next time I try it. I'll report on the
> other things you explained/suggested.

I looked at the content of the get_iplayer file but could only see it
described as 2.95-dev. Afraid I'm not sure where I should look for more
specific details of the version. However I fetched and set it up on 9th Jan
if that helps at all.

I used the grep modes to explore the modes offerred by some radio pids and
did some experiments.

I noticed they listed dashhigh1 and dashhigh2 rather than dashhigh so I
tried them. My first try with dashhigh2 gave a much faster transfer. Got a
half-hour 320k file in a minute. That made me suspect my problem was with
omitting the numbered mode. But subsequence re-tests using different modes
gave apparently random speeds. i.e. sometimes the same mode spec only got,
say, 5% of the file in the time it would get the entire file on another
occasion (same pid).

So I'm wondering if something odd is happening to my connections that often
gets in the way of dash but *not* HLS. Otherwise, I'm puzzled...


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