Odd fetching of radio

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Wed Feb 17 11:49:23 PST 2016

On Wed Feb 17 17:48:09 GMT 2016, Jim Lesurf wrote:

> --type=radio --mode-dashhigh --force --no-tag --pid <programme pid>
> (snip)
> However the 'DNA's third man' seems to have an odd programme pid.
> I can't seem to get this at all.
> Anyone able to diagnose/help?
> I'm trying to use DASH to get 320k versions.

Hi Jim :-)

 Not being able right now to troubleshoot
your other issues, but as far as 'DNA's third man'
(pid=b05zl1bj) is concerned, the beeb (for reasons
only known to them) has not made available this show
in either AdobeHDS nor MPEG-DASH streams.
you can check for yourself by visiting the following
mediaselector URL:

(where dash would've appeared - only RTMP currently)
(where HLS is found)

So for that specific one, you'd have to settle
with --radiomode=flash (/hls) which will fetch
a 128kbps (AAC LC) m4a file.

When in doubt, please do:

get_iplayer --type=radio --pid <programme pid> -i | grep modes

for available modes for a given PID.

One more note:
2.95 dev is undocumented, unsupported
and undergoing frequent modifications,
especially into what affects HLS/DASH downloads.
Simply stating:

> using the 2.95 developmental version

is of little actual help to hopeful debuggers,
if you do not also quote the exact snapshot
(commit hash) of the main script (get_iplayer)
(of the develop branch) currently using
in your system.

Many regards,

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