Odd fetching of radio

Jim Lesurf web at audiomisc.co.uk
Wed Feb 17 09:48:09 PST 2016

Apart from the recent hiccup, fetching TV programmes has been fine here.
However in the last few days I've had some unusual behaviour showing up
when trying to fetch sound radio programmes.

One aspect of this is *very* slow fetches. However I tend to get radio
programmes during the day when connections here tend to be slow. (I get TV
before 9am when things are quicker.) But I get particularly strange
behaviour from the items linked from


I'm fetching using the 2.95 developmental version recommended for DASH a
while ago and using the options

--type=radio --mode-dashhigh --force --no-tag --pid <programme pid>

Some examples - eg the 'Leviathan' episode give me a partial file name that
includes an extra '.' in the name (in addition to .m4a.m4a at the end). And
fail to be 'cleaned' into the usual form. I can clean them using ffmpeg
-acodec copy after the event, though. But I'm guessing the stray '.' may be
confusing the routine cleanup?

On other occasions the fetch seems to restart because of a delay, but that
may be the sloooow connections.

However the 'DNA's third man' seems to have an odd programme pid. I can't
seem to get this at all.

Anyone able to diagnose/help? I'm trying to use DASH to get 320k versions.


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