Olympics Might be hvf Only

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> If I right click on the image I get

> 1.1621.1764404-SMPFlash 2908kbps | HDS (akamai_hds) | p0424zwc | 960x540
> Setting... Global settings... About Adobe Flash Player

> which suggests it is using Flash.  p0424zwc looks like a pid, so I could
> try that. 

I haven't checked the example, but that looks correct to me.

The BBC sometimes make a pid visible via a URL attached to a pic or
'subheading' of text, or have it as part of the name-string for a webpage.
Keep an eye on what you browser may display as the url you can get when
hovering the mouse over a link. And on the address of the current page.
Some links may not be obvious.

I had similar problems in the past when trying to find pids for proms. You
need to find the right page, and then twig how they then have linked the

My better half was puzzled for some time by the way I sat near the screen
of our TV as I 'pid hunted' and wrote down the details. From the sofa she
could not see the small display bar at the bottom of the FF window that was
showing the URLs when I hovered the mouse in the relevant places on a page.

Alas, all magic seems to become 'obvious' once explained. 8-]


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