Help with Linux installation please

Mark Carroll mtbc at
Sun May 24 08:05:40 PDT 2015

Alan Milewczyk <alan at> writes:
> it's been a case of installing Linux (Mint-17.1 64 bit) onto a
> different PC.

I've never used it but Linux Mint is pretty much Debian-based I think?

> Oh boy, I now remember why I loathe Linux so much, it's like pulling
> teeth without anaesthetic..... :-(

Ho ho, some of us feel that way about Windows. (-: Just last week,

> WARNING: Please download and run latest installer or install the 
> XML::Simple Perl module for more accurate programme metadata.

Does this help? apt-get install libxml-simple-perl

> WARNING: Required rtmpdump does not exist - cannot download Flash 
> audio/video

Does this help? apt-get install rtmpdump

> I've run and rerun the latest installer and XML::Simple (I get 
> XML::Simple is up to date. (2.20) but to no avail.

How did you install XML::Simple ?  2.20 does sound correct.

> If I'd had a pointed head prior to all of this, it sure as heck would be 
> well and truly blunted by now... Can anyone help please, in PLAIN ENGLISH?

Maybe there's a Mint user reading who can help better than I.

-- Mark

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