Help with Linux installation please

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sun May 24 18:55:40 PDT 2015

On Sun May 24 15:47:14 BST 2015, Alan Milewczyk wrote:

> I've been trying to download a large programme (around 6GB)
> and it barfs at the 4GB point using win7x64.
> I remembered I had this problem last year with some large Wimbledon
> programmes and the only solution that worked then
> was using a Linux installation

Hello again Alan!
Installing a different OS to just grab a video file is my
definition of "Going to great lengths..." (LOL).
If only you'd asked here prior to that...

On Sun May 24 15:59:03 BST 2015, TQ wrote:

> I know that I had this very issue (win7 x64 too) a while back.
> Alas, I no longer have the archives of the exchanges,
> but I recall that there's a patched (file size > 4GB) version of rtmpdump
> which I installed to solve the issue

All the list archives can be found online at:
If you do have a faint recollection of just when
roughly "the exchanges" took place, it's not very
hard to locate them within the archive...
In fact it was me that pointed you to the solution!

To Alan, TQ and possibly others:
This is a "stickied" thread on SP's support forum:
Inside you'll find the link to my reply to TQ:

In addition to DP's binary, which is now somewhat stale
but should be fine for GiP usage, you can also use
KSV's (a Russian coder) rtmpdump mod, which
lately also got support for  > 4GB files on Windows:

> Update 01/05/2015:
> 1. save and resume support for more than 4 GB files

(Safe and trusted download from github,
used it successfully for > 4 GB files on Win32).

Best regards,

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