PVR not finding "web" programmes

SquarePenguin getiplayer at squarepenguin.co.uk
Sat Jul 18 05:13:05 PDT 2015

On 18/07/2015 12:50, Graham Cobb wrote:
> My question is, is there some option I can specify to get_iplayer to 
> search in the web-only programmes?  Or is this information no longer 
> available to get_iplayer?

Check the latest release notes:


Relevant text:

> Fewer TV programmes will be indexed. The TV schedule data does not
> contain old archive programmes lurking in the iPlayer site. It also
> does not contain programmes broadcast exclusively on red button
> streams, some of which formerly may have been available. It also does
> not include web-only programmes (“BBC iPlayer Exclusives”). Only
> programmes in the broadcast channel schedule listings will be
> indexed.

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