hlsvhigh4 error

J K.Eason mail at john-eason.co.uk
Mon Jul 13 07:24:00 PDT 2015

> *From:* Jon Davies <jon at hedgerows.org.uk>
> *To:* charlie at the-heards.com
> *CC:* get_iplayer <get_iplayer at lists.infradead.org>
> *Date:* Mon, 13 Jul 2015 14:38:55 +0100
> On 11 July 2015 at 20:12,  <charlie at the-heards.com> wrote:
> > ...but I was wondering if I had done something wrong using
> > "--mode=hlsvhigh4".
> As a general rule of thumb, specifying the particular content server
> in the mode is only necessary when you need to force get-iplayer to
> use a particular server.So
>   --mode=hlsvhigh
> is preferable, unless you really need to specify content server 4.
> and no, it's not obvious that "4" (or any other numeric suffix)
> relates to which particular content server is to be used, and isn't
> required, but hey ho.  I believe, but haven't checked, that
> <something>vhigh is essentially the same quality regardless of the
> <something> - so flashvhigh modes should be the same quality as
> hlsvhigh modes.
> (incidentally, for the particular programme in your question,
> hlsvhigh4 doesn't work here either, but hlsvhigh tries hlsvhigh1,
> which does work here)
> Personally I stick with --mode=best all the time, which means I can
> forget about which mode is used for download - I just end up with 
> the
> best available copy of each programme.
> Cheers
> Jon

Strangely the four 'hlsvhigh' versions show 3 different file sizes in
the program 'modesizes' info in this case, although I agree about not
forcing use of a particular server.
> hlsvhigh1=1008MB,hlsvhigh2=1214MB,hlsvhigh3=1181MB,hlsvhigh4=1214MB


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