hlsvhigh4 error

Jon Davies jon at hedgerows.org.uk
Mon Jul 13 06:38:55 PDT 2015

On 11 July 2015 at 20:12,  <charlie at the-heards.com> wrote:
> ...but I was wondering if I had done something wrong using
> "--mode=hlsvhigh4".

As a general rule of thumb, specifying the particular content server
in the mode is only necessary when you need to force get-iplayer to
use a particular server.So


is preferable, unless you really need to specify content server 4.

and no, it's not obvious that "4" (or any other numeric suffix)
relates to which particular content server is to be used, and isn't
required, but hey ho.  I believe, but haven't checked, that
<something>vhigh is essentially the same quality regardless of the
<something> - so flashvhigh modes should be the same quality as
hlsvhigh modes.

(incidentally, for the particular programme in your question,
hlsvhigh4 doesn't work here either, but hlsvhigh tries hlsvhigh1,
which does work here)

Personally I stick with --mode=best all the time, which means I can
forget about which mode is used for download - I just end up with the
best available copy of each programme.


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