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> RFL and fuel duty fund far more than roads, so none of your general
> taxation pays for roads, quite the opposite.  

Now look deeper. I don't directly pay RFL or FDF because I don't
own or run a car. But I *do* pay for the roads via them. This is
because the costs I have to pay when, say, I buy food in the shops
that were transported by road will include this.

In a similar way people who object to the BBC License as a 'tax'
and trot out those who "never watch the BBC" often don't go on
to consider that we all pay for more for 'commercial' TV than
for the BBC because we pay for it via the goods we buy in shops.

Chances are when you buy a packet of biscuits or a frozen chicken
you're paying for ITV, etc.

By deciding not to watch any TV you can opt out of the TV license.
But you'll still pay for the commercial advertising/sponsored
TV or radio. Most of which you won't watch or hear.

So I do pay for the roads, just as I pay for commercial TV stations
like the ITV setup that I hardly ever watch. Just as most of us do.

Alas, I can't get a lower price in the supermarket by saying at the
checkout, "I don't watch commercial TV, so deduct the amount that
goes to advertising from the price."

Curiously, people who complain about the license fee rarely seem
to know or care that they have little choice but to pay for 
commercial TV which they may never watch. But then newspapers for
some odd reason don't seem to mention this as often as the stir
the pot over the license fee. I wonder why...  8-]


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