Paywall for iPlayer?

michael norman michaeltnorman at
Tue Jul 7 05:06:38 PDT 2015

On 07/07/2015 12:31 PM, Graham Temple (gmail) wrote:
> Yes but what about people who never ever watch TV at all.  There are some,
> believe it or not - my parents for instance.  They have computers and
> internet, but why should they pay a charge for something they will never
> use, just because they have some equipment (whose primary purpose is not for
> accessing TV!) which theoretically could access on demand content.  How will
> you differentiate between those who don't and those who say they don't?  It
> is like saying you own a car and live in London so will probably use the
> Dartford crossing and enter the congestion zone, so we are going to add £50
> a year to your road fund licence and do away with the congestion charges and
> tolls.

That's the problem.  There are many people mostly I guess a bit younger 
than your parents who don't watch live tv or even want to do so.  What 
do they watch ?  Netflix Amazon tv (to give two examples amongst many) 
both of which they have to pay for and if you compare the price of those 
two is rather more than the BBC license fee.  If they want "free" as in 
not paying for it then there is Youtube.

I don't know how anybody might remodel the licence fee to cover that. 
Not least because its impossible to know the numbers involved. 
Personally I am quite happy to pay £12 a month for the BBC content.  Its 
the biggest bargain in the world, whether I choose to access it from a 
tv a pc or any other device.

Which is why Murdoch et al want it hobbled and ultimately destroyed.


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