Paywall for iPlayer?

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Yes but what about people who never ever watch TV at all.  There are some,
believe it or not - my parents for instance.  They have computers and
internet, but why should they pay a charge for something they will never
use, just because they have some equipment (whose primary purpose is not for
accessing TV!) which theoretically could access on demand content.  How will
you differentiate between those who don't and those who say they don't?  It
is like saying you own a car and live in London so will probably use the
Dartford crossing and enter the congestion zone, so we are going to add £50
a year to your road fund licence and do away with the congestion charges and

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On Mon, 06 Jul 2015 20:29:44 +0000, batguano999 wrote:

>> "You have broadband and a computer / 'smart' <sic> TV. Egro, you are 
>> equipped to access iplayer, thus require a license."
> Hmmm
> That's a computer license then.
> :-)

Too restrictive a description, unless you want to keep the lawyers fat
arguing about the semantics of the word "computer". 

The Dutch have a "Media Licence".

TBH I very happy that the licence will now apply to "on demand" content. 
Without that the BBC's income was set on a, possibly quite rapid, down ward
direction as more and more people either cotton on or genuinely, never,
ever, watch TV as it is being broadcast.


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