Paywall for iPlayer?

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Mon Jul 6 10:11:06 PDT 2015

Try the U.S. for a few years if you want to see what happens to a society when there is no functioning media.   UGH.  No real TV, awful radio (NPR is a joke - so amateur) and no newspapers.

Even their "good" programmes are dire beyond belief - make C5 seen elitist.

As a BBC 2, BBC 4, Radio 4 addict, I feel I get excellent value from the Beeb.   Frankly I can put up with some heavy handedness over the Fox-ification of media.   It is the greedy Hollywood studios that are reasonable for the current malaise in broadcasting and the rights/payments issues, not the Beeb.

Of course, present government are aping the Americans (foolishly, IMvHO - common mistake Brits make is to think we are more like America than Europe because of the language, but it's a wrong assumption - our ethos is far more European) so I fear for all of our public services in the name of a quick buck at the hands of PR men like Cameron.


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On 6 Jul 2015, at 09:48, George Eycott <george at> wrote:

>> equally I would be against any move to make any of the BBC channels to
> carry commercials.
> I agree, we visited Canada recently and I am amazed anyone watches TV live
> there. Basically the channels primarily carry adverts with odd bits of
> programmes shown occasionally. It made trying to watch anything completely
> unbearable. Would hate that to happen over here.
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