Does RTMP still have the 4GB problem?

tellyaddict tellyaddict21 at
Mon Jul 6 09:12:12 PDT 2015

> Please try the newly implemented (in GiP 2.94) hlshd modes
> (--tvmode=hlshd) - these use ffmpeg to record via HTTP, so
> no RTMP protocol used (no 4GB limit applies to HTTP); however,
> with your slow connection, you might still encounter problems with time-outs
> (and missed HLS fragments) if latency is introduced during download...

With the 4gb limit I have used Dinky Pumpkin's patched version for a while on longer programmes with no problems. If it does timeout for some reason I will try it again.

Does the output still tell you if there's been a timeout during an HLS download like it does with RTMP?

Haven't used the HLS options much so far and haven't seen any timeout messages yet. They are quite easy to spot in the RTMPDump output so I tend to redo the download if that happens.

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