Does RTMP still have the 4GB problem?

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Mon Jul 6 04:04:56 PDT 2015

On 06/07/2015 07:30, C E Macfarlane wrote:
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>>      > Does RTMP still have the 4GB problem?
>>      Hi - please read:
>>      ... do not be lazy and check all the links referenced!
>>      The last case may have resulted in a corrupt FLV file
>>      and that in turn could've resulted in a corrupt MP4 file
>>      after the lossless remux by FFmpeg...
>>      What media player did you use for playback
>>      and at which point during the file's duration the hang occurs?
Vangelis, you've hit the nail on the head, the issue is caused by a 
corrupt FLV file which of course results in a corrupt mp4 file (garbage 
in, garbage out)
> I tried WMP and VLC.  They both seem to give up around the same point,

And for me too and as for the OP it occurs only for large files.
>>      Please try the newly implemented (in GiP 2.94) hlshd modes
>>      (--tvmode=hlshd) - these use ffmpeg to record via HTTP, so
>>      no RTMP protocol used (no 4GB limit applies to HTTP); however,
>>      with your slow connection, you might still encounter problems
>>      with time-outs
>>      (and missed HLS fragments) if latency is introduced during download...

Once again, you're a star, Vangelis, not only did a programme of 4 hr 13 
min take MUCH less time to download than using RTMP but the download was 

Brill stuff! Your cyber-medal is in the post! ;-)



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