Does RTMP still have the 4GB problem?

C E Macfarlane c.e.macfarlane at
Sun Jul 5 16:11:22 PDT 2015

I've been encountering problems playing back some of the long Wimbledon
programmes.  The files play so far, and then hang.  I suspect that this is
the rtmpdump 4GB problem which some research threw up, and that I am going
to have to split the downloads using --stop and --start parameters.

However, given that the downloads are very large and my download speeds are
very slow, I thought I'd better to check here that I've analysed the problem
correctly, before redownloading any material.

Can anyone here confirm that rtmpdump still suffers from the problem?  If
so, is anything being done about it?  It seems to me that this should be a
relatively trivial problem to fix.

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