Google Chromecast compatible MP4s

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Thu Sep 25 10:39:02 PDT 2014

On 25/09/2014 10:03, Paul Oldham wrote:
> I recently got a Chromecast and I'm using rygel[1] as a UPnP AV
> MediaServer controlled by BubbleUPNP[2] to server videos stored on my
> file server to my Chromecast. So far so good: it works a treat with
> content like VOBs off DVDs converted to MP4 with the aid of ffmpeg.
> However is doesn't play MP4s straight out of get_iplayer (just using
> --get, no other flags). I've discovered I can fix this by using ffmpeg
> to re-encode but I was wondering if anyone had been this way before and
> was aware of a switch I could give to get_iplayer to make it produce
> MP4s which were Chromecast compatible straight of the box.

You don't say what distro you're using, whether you're using using 
original ffmpeg or the version provided until recently with libav, or 
the version of ffmpeg/avconv you have.  Your problem might be solved 
simply by using an recent version of the original ffmpeg. Libav hasn't 
kept up with all ffmpeg changes to muxers.

I know zip about Rygel or Chromecast, but if you are already using a 
recent version of ffmpeg, there are a couple of other things you might try:

1. Add --ffmpeg-tv-opts="-movflags rtphint" to your get_iplayer command. 
  Hinting might help with streaming to your device, but that's only a guess.

2. Re-mux the mp4 files with mp4box instead of re-encoding.  You'll lose 
the metadata, but assembling the streams in a fresh container might be a 
quicker way to get a working file.  Again, only a guess.

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