Google Chromecast compatible MP4s

Paul Oldham paul at
Thu Sep 25 02:03:02 PDT 2014

I recently got a Chromecast and I'm using rygel[1] as a UPnP AV 
MediaServer controlled by BubbleUPNP[2] to server videos stored on my 
file server to my Chromecast. So far so good: it works a treat with 
content like VOBs off DVDs converted to MP4 with the aid of ffmpeg.

However is doesn't play MP4s straight out of get_iplayer (just using 
--get, no other flags). I've discovered I can fix this by using ffmpeg 
to re-encode but I was wondering if anyone had been this way before and 
was aware of a switch I could give to get_iplayer to make it produce 
MP4s which were Chromecast compatible straight of the box.



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