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Mon Feb 11 13:11:03 EST 2013

> Is there a compelling reason why the settings, cache, pvr file etc. 
> can't be stored in the get_iplayer folder itself?
> In other words, is it possible for the installer to install GiP as a 
> truely *portable* application? AFAIK, everything in the get_iplayer 
> folder can be run from a memory stick without problems - provided the 
> two folders are present in Documents and Settings.
> If it is possible, then it would be possible to install offline and 
> move it between computers, with obvious benefits given the recent 
> problems with outages. Updates would still be online, of course.
I agree this would be handy.   I just moved PCs and  I got everything 
from my iPlayer directory and even copied %USERPROFILE%/.get_iplayer 
contents  but managed to miss C:\Users\All Users\get_iplayer options 
file which defines the following:

lame .\lame\x86\lame.exe
mplayer .\mplayer\MPlayer-1.0rc2\mplayer.exe
output .\Downloads\
flvstreamer .\rtmpdump-2.2d\rtmpdump.exe
ffmpeg .\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe
vlc .\vlc\vlc.exe
nopurge 1

and without which  doesn't work too well.   Even looking 
closely at the file didn't help me find where the global 
options file was trying to be read from,  I ended up having to run 
process monitor to see what it was trying to access. Once I managed to 
copy that across from my old PC everything worked perfectly.

Perhaps we could add an optional parameter --config_path which specifies 
where the config files should live.  Personally I'd default it to "."  
so everything was in the same directory / or a subdirectory off the main 
install directory.

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