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Shevek shevek at
Mon Feb 11 06:30:52 EST 2013

On 11 February 2013 11:05, Kapitano <kapitano72 at> wrote:
> On 2/11/2013 13:39 PM, Chris Marriott wrote:
>>> Is there a compelling reason why the settings, cache, pvr file etc.
>>> can't be stored in the get_iplayer folder itself?
>> > From Windows 7 onwards, an non-privileged application does not have
>> > write access to the "Program Files" folder.
> That explains why W7 can only run half of my applications when they're
> outside Program Files. Classic microsoft failure to think things through.

Just the opposite - it should only affect programs in Program Files.
Anything installed outside should not be affected at all.

IMHO, protecting the Program Files folder is a VERY good thing.

>> Hence settings should be stored under either "ApplicationData" (for
>> application-wide settings), or "Username" (for user-specific settings).
>> get_iplayer is correctly following the Windows programming guidelines in the
>> way it stores its data.
> Which only leaves the questions of whether the guidelines are sensible, and
> how easy it would be to give the user the option of storing everything on
> one folder.

Again, this is exactly how it works in Windows. Anything that has a
portable install, I put it in C:\Applications and everything runs fine
from there, including storing settings files alongside the executable.

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