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dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Mon Feb 11 16:04:37 EST 2013

On 11/02/2013 10:39, Chris Marriott wrote:
> From Windows 7 onwards, an non-privileged application does not have write access to the "Program Files" folder. Hence settings should be stored under either "ApplicationData" (for application-wide settings), or "Username" (for user-specific settings). get_iplayer is correctly following the Windows programming guidelines in the way it stores its data.

Almost.  Microsoft advises you to use %LOCALAPPDATA% (AppData\Local on 
Vista+, Local Settings on XP), but get_iplayer sticks with the Linux 
convention of a ".get_iplayer" folder in %USERPROFILE%.  get_iplayer 
probably should use AppData, but it brings two small annoyances. AppData 
is a hidden folder, though that would only earn an epithet from the 
small group of users who want to manually edit presets, pvr searches, 
etc.  Also, get_iplayer would have to detect XP vs Vista+ (and perhaps 
bring in a Win32 Perl module) since the AppData paths are different and 
%LOCALAPPDATA% isn't defined on XP.

On 11/02/2013 11:30, Colin Law wrote:
> It is eminently sensible to prevent non-privileged access to Program
> Files.  It is a case of Win catching up with Linux.  On Linux the
> get-iplayer program files would normally be /usr/bin (or similar),
> which again cannot be accessed by a non-priviliged user, with the data

This is the crux of the matter.  Both Linux and Windows are multi-user 
systems that support different access levels for users.  That implies 
that common components like application installations must be protected. 
  The current get_iplayer Windows setup doesn't quite follow Microsoft's 
guidelines.  I think it should (and could), in effect working more like 
a Linux install.  I suspect that not very many people use get_iplayer 
with multiple users on one machine, but if get_iplayer is going to be on 
Windows it should play nicely with the system.

On 11/02/2013 15:22, Kapitano wrote:
> On 2/11/2013 14:30 PM, Colin Law wrote:
>> Possibly a solution would be to provide a command line parameter to
>> get-iplayer which would specify where to store the cache and settings,
> That would be a very good feature, which I suppose I'm hereby
> requesting. We've already got one for the default download folder.

You already have this: --profile-dir

> The rights and wrongs of which folders should have what access
> a good nerdy subject on which we won't be able to agree.

Our agreement is irrelevant.  Microsoft makes the rules about access to 
special folders, so get_iplayer needs to take them into account.

>> I've got over 200 programs on my laptop, and they're *all* portable
>> and outside Program Files. Erm, except for Get_iPlayer. :-).

You're not obliged to install get_iplayer in Program Files.  The current 
installer will let you pick a different location, though you won't quite 
get a portable app because of the settings, registry values, etc., 
written by the installer.

On 11/02/2013 16:50, Christopher Woods (CM) wrote:
> +1 (+1 bonus) for portable option. I'd *love* me some portable GiP.

The next release of get_iplayer will go out with the current installer, 
in the interest of time.  After that, I plan to replace it with a new, 
simpler installer to go along with some changes to the get_iplayer 
Windows scripts.  The changes I have in mind will enable get_iplayer to 
be installed as a portable app.  I think an improved "normal" install 
will go a long way towards the same goals, but a portable app version is 
an interesting idea.  I'll raise this issue again when the time comes.

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