PVR downloads unrequested tv progs

Pete ha11p-0 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 10 10:40:25 EST 2013

I've got a range of hand-crafted PVR searches like the one below, but 
when PVR (command line) gets to "doctor who" and "dad's army" it keeps 
downloading both radio and tv versions (depending on what is available) 
despite only radio or radio and podcast being requested.

pvrsearch = radio5.txt
         search10 = dad's army
         type = radio

pvrsearch = space.txt
         search1 = doctor who
         type = radio,podcast

In 'options' I have

modes flashhigh,flashstd,flashaudio,flashaac,realaudio,wma
radiomode flashaudio,flashaac,realaudio,wma
tvmode flashhigh,flashstd

(I'm not interested in the tv versions, just the audio versions for the 
daily commute)

Pete Hall
ha11p-0 at yahoo.co.uk

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