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Derek Moss dmgi at
Sun Aug 25 10:28:27 EDT 2013

It's not that unfortunately. They remain much louder than my other
sources (i.e. switching from LiveTV in XBMC on the RPi) throughout.

I tested 3-4 programmes at random the other day and one was actually
OK and about the same volume as LiveTV but the others were all much
louder and I had to turn the volume down quite a bit.

As I say, it's mainly an issue on XBMC on the RPi for me as on Windows
I can use ffdshow to boost/normalise LiveTV so that there isn't such a
difference when switching to iPlayer.

On 16 August 2013 14:18, Christopher Woods
<christopher at> wrote:
> There's some audio processing on encodes which does make them louder for the
> first couple of seconds before they drop back to reasonable levels. As I
> understand it this is due to the encoding profile at Maidstone maintained by
> the technical partner and is the subject of much wailing and gnashing of
> teeth.
> Though not relevant to iPlayer files, If you're decoding multichannel via
> LAV and letting Windows downmix then it will come out quieter than if you do
> the downmix with the filter.
> You don't perhaps have ffdshow installed too and that is actually what's
> decoding (and normalising) in mediaportal? Check filter priorities.
> On 16 August 2013 13:56:28 Derek Moss <dmgi at> wrote:
>> Is there any way to automatically reduce the volume of iPlayer
>> downloads as part of the download process, or will I just have to run
>> them through some program once they've finished? If the latter, is
>> there a quick, lossless way to do this without re-encoding the files?
>> The reason I need to do this is that iPlayer is much louder than
>> LiveTV, for me at least. When I'm playing iPlayer streams on my PC
>> with Mediaportal, the difference isn't too bad, so perhaps my codec
>> (LAV) is limiting the volume but when using XBMC on my RPi, the
>> difference is quite striking and I have to reduce the volume
>> considerably for iPlayer streams (which is more of a pain as
>> autorepeat doesn't work on the remote volume keys due to some OS bug,
>> so I have to press them 15-20 times). I haven't actually tested
>> playing downloads instead of streaming but I can't imagine the volume
>> will be any different.
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