mp3 radio shows and wma.

bat guano batguano999 at
Sat Aug 17 05:55:25 EDT 2013

Hi dinkypumpkin

"FWIW, I'm going to remove WMA mode from the mode shortcuts in the next release."

I agree with the above suggestion.

Are you going to implement it in git?
So that wma is not tried unless we specifically ask for "--mode=wma" (or something like this).

I too have noticed with mp3 radio shows recently, when it hasn't been available (yet) for some reason, get_iplayer tries to start downloading the wma version.

imo it would be preferable if it just 'failed' instead.

Or *perhaps* offered a suggestion "try --mode=wma".
Though this is a very poor mode, it might be *useful* in extreme circumstances. 		 	   		  

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