Radiomodes & WMA

Kapitano kapitano72 at
Sun Feb 5 14:55:37 EST 2012

When downloading radio shows, the usual aac embedded in flv or m4a is 
unavailable, and get_iplayer downloads in wma - which seems to take 
longer than it would to stream in real time.

When I try later, the flv is usually available. So I want to disable the 
wma option. Is this how I do it?

get_iplayer --type=radio --get 12345 

While I'm asking about this...

One of the default radio modes is realaudio, but I've never had a 
programme download as a .ra or .ram file. Is this option a relic from an 
earlier version of iPlayer?

I used to be able to download in aac. Now only embedded aac is possible, 
and I have to extract it. Is this a change in Get_Iplayer, or in the BBC?


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