All TV downloads failing at about 240s

Chris Marriott chris at
Wed Jul 27 11:58:19 EDT 2011

Quoting Ed <edwardgeorge at>:

> if you use the *2 modes as per the example I gave then it should use a
> different cdn for the stream.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this, but no joy - everything was  
still failing at around the 240s mark.


Looking more closely at the error, I noticed that I was also getting  
an error HTTP 301, and something about unable to redirect to "swfurl".  
I did a search of the archive, and found there was a patch for this,  
changing the "swfurl" line in the script. I've applied this patch, and  
am now up and running again.

Goodness knows why this should only have started to affect me today,  
but there you go. All OK now.

Thanks to everyone for the kind assistance.



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