Is anyone else's running slooowwwwlllyyy?

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> It seems to have settled down to totally unusable. Either the 
> connection establishes very slowly and invariably times out 
> or it establishes very quickly and at random points in the 
> download either re-starts itself with the error messages:

What the rest of us need to see is some comparative analysis of transfers
done over your connection direct, and some downloads done through a
(reliable, fast) proxy server using a VPN or SSH tunnel. If someone geeky
fancies doing some testing but is short of a good bandwidthed UK server to
route through for testing, I can give them a lend of my machine in
Maidstone. (contact me off-list if you want to organise.)

The speed test / results should then help narrow down the root cause -
whether it's poor routing, congestion in your area, obvious traffic shaping
or whether it's being done by the Beeb based on the behaviour of get_iplayer
itself. (or perhaps all four...?)

To confirm, everyone suffering is on Virgin Media cable?

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