Is anyone else's running slooowwwwlllyyy?

Clive roadcone at
Wed Jul 13 15:28:54 EDT 2011

It seems to have settled down to totally unusable. Either the connection 
establishes very slowly and invariably times out or it establishes very 
quickly and at random points in the download either re-starts itself 
with the error messages:

RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet body. len: nnnn
INFO: Connection times out, trying to resume


I get a couple of WARNING: Stream does not start with requested frame, 
ignoring data...

and it re-starts


I get the same stream warning as above, but for screen after screen 
after screen and I have to close the dos box or Ctrl + C

It took me over an hour with dozens of attempts to get the radio 
Torchwood and I have totally failed to get Falco.

I have tried both my aged (though previously reliable) Vista laptop over 
both wireless and wired and my wife's much newer W7 over wireless and 
wired. Initially I thought my wife's machine was working and mine not, 
but now her's is having the same problems.

Can anyone offer and advice please? I'd be most grateful as I'd hate to 
go back to mp3 and Radio Downloader or use the variable files found on 
usenet (some are good, but some ... well, you know).


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